Once upon an internet..

Welcome to Wordsmithing, Ink., the online home of the writer Daniel Jordan, who is currently referring to himself in the third person by means of introduction. Wordsmithing, Ink. offers a range of written services, from copy-editing and proofreading to transcription and outright creation, with interaction on a personal level, swift turnarounds and a good job guaranteed.

If you’re having trouble getting your arguments in order for this essay, struggling to bend the rules of grammar to your will, in need of a quick, important letter writing, or just need someone to get that marvellous idea out of your head and pinned to a page, then I’m happy to help. All requests are considered: head over to the ‘Pen for Hire’ tab to find out more.

Alternatively, as this is my own site, there’s plenty of me on it. Under the ‘Ink spots’ tab lurks more information about the things I scribble when I’m writing for leisure, not for business, whilst the ‘About’ tab plays host to more information about me, the world’s most infrequently updated blog and some samples of my professional work. Finally, there’s ‘Testimonials’, where we’ll find out what the good folks are saying.

Enjoy your stay, and feel free to leave comments anywhere I didn’t accidentally disable the facility. Alternatively, email me!