A flurry of thoughts, pinned to a page..

When it comes time to hammer stuff out on with keyboard, I enjoy almost everything that I do, but nothing is quite as much fun as building fictional worlds. I was creating worlds and stories from a young age, folding 3 A4 pieces of paper to make little books in which my friends and I went on wild adventures in the Pokemon world, and for all that these stories could hardly be held up as classics of modern literature, they have a certain rustic charm, if only as a reference point for how far I’ve come.

Every book I read is a source of new knowledge. A new way to write, a new perspective on something I already understood, a different means of framing interactions. A different type of structure for a book as a whole. Sometimes the only things I’ll learn from a book are that it was terrible and that I should never attempt to mimic any aspect of it without being severely tongue-in-cheek. My first serious writing ventures came in the wake of having read H2G2, and there was most definitely a derivative aspect that it took me some time to shake off. Since then, though, I have read more and learned more and I feel like I’ve developed a style that isn’t ‘two parts Adams one part Pratchett’ but is 100% me.

My major project is the Mirrorworld, a far-flung yet familiar fantastical world, Earth but not Earth. In 2011 I finished the first draft of the first of many planned books that will take place in this setting, simply titled ‘Mirrorworld’. A story of destiny, discovery, and the power we have over our own lives, it is my proudest achievement. I’m currently in the midst of a redraft. More information here.

The Mirrorworld is but the first of many things that have been strung out from my mind over the years, though. There’s more here.