For when your reflection winks..

So here’s the thing about mirrors; they lie. Everything they show us is intrinsically false. In a mirror, your right eye becomes your left, your left hand your right. The contents of your pockets change sides. We see what we expect to see in mirrors, which is a reflection of ourselves, and the world around us. But in reality, it’s a whole different world, similar but not the same.

What, then, if we could visit this world? What if, somewhere down the dimensional line, all of this.. existence.. came together to form a whole other world.. a Mirrorworld? A world that distorts everything we know to be true, where anything could happen.

This is the concept for the Mirrorworld, another world that lurks in the shadow of our own. Dependent on us for its form, as a reflection cannot exist without that which it is reflecting, life as we know it and the hidden far side exist in a sort of balanced tandem, balletting chaotically through existence. It’s a fragile balance, which is why, on the Mirrorworld, there are people who are charged with the job of taking care of it. The Mirrorworld has magic and fantastical creatures. We have guns, bombs and the internet. These things balance each other out, different ways of achieving similar results. But if it were possible to pass between these two worlds – and, of course, it is – then it would be possible to upset this balance. So do we require caretakers, to allow our existence to continue.

This is the first story of the Mirrorworld, a story of mad wizards, vengeful personifications of primal forces, an ancient order of those who walk between the worlds and a single, seemingly completely ordinary man who finds himself caught up in a struggle that will ultimately threaten the entirety of existence, calling into question issues of destiny, of how free we are to make the choices we make in our lives, and how our reactions in the face of adversity and horror make us who we are, for better or worse.

Whoa, I got really into that. It’ll be up to the reader to decide if ‘Mirrorworld’ is as epic as I’ve just made it out to be.

The first draft of this story was finished in 2011. As of 09/12/12, I am redrafting. What follows are the ‘new’ versions of the first few chapters. Hopefully the full story will soon be coming to a bookshelf near you..


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


One thought on “For when your reflection winks..

  1. I don’t know why you have so many personal information platforms. For me it has become very untangle-able set of vines of an old mystical tree in a forest of convoluted threads of life ever growing and becoming a mass mess.
    All very pretty to look at but hard to decipher what goes where.

    With that all said and done… it isn’t finished…..Enjoy.

    Wait, what was I talking about….oh right I couldn’t figure out how to post a comment on your webbie. So I did it here, in turn I could have posted it on your facebook but I like ranting here more.

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