We should probably write that down..

For most people in my school life, the next big essay that was coming up was akin to some great encroaching doom, slowly but inevitably coming nearer until it was on top of us and everyone was scurrying around screaming witlessly and trying to finish up. For me, it was taking my long-time hobby and turning it professional for educational purposes. As it turned out, I was fortunate enough to be quite good at it, and one day, a thought came to me, unbidden: “share your skills with other people, ya selfish jerk!”

Thus was this business born. From humble beginnings helping some university friends fix up their essays and dissertations, it has grown to be my major driving force going forwards as an individual. What better career path than the one where you do what you love? At the very least, a client will know they’re getting 100%. So am I a writer of all kinds of things, here for the people who are not.

I have three main areas of focus;

1. Copy-editing and proofreading, which consists of reviewing pre-existing pieces for spelling, grammatical and general structural issues, to make sure that everything looks good and that the piece succeeds in what it sets out to do. My focus in this area starts with student essays, but I’ll certainly consider any type of text for editing. This area doesn’t include actually writing essays, which would seem a bit unethical in the face of the education system. What I will do is tweak any grammar that would generally be considered non-standard, point out any paragraphs that don’t go anywhere, or paragraphs that connect thematically to other elements of the whole, and might merit a shifting around a bit, and point out other structural issues and, of course, any typos. Generally speaking, I’ll do whatever is needed to ensure that your piece says what you want it to say, and to that end I like to work closely with clients, to ensure that we weed out any possible misinterpretation of content, so expect frequent email contact.

2. Creation: for such things as novels, ebooks, journal articles, speeches, important emails… anything really. If you need to write something down but aren’t sure you can enunciate it properly, try me. If you’re in need of some serious article generation, also try me. Armed with foreknowledge of SEO practises, Google and a cup of coffee, all things are possible.

3. Transcription. A lot of things that would benefit from existing in written form don’t start off that way. I can make it so. My average typing speed clocks in at about 80 words per minute, so if speed is needed that shouldn’t be a problem provided I’m not snowed under with other projects.

Of course, a lot of these things can be done by professional outsourcing from online companies to anonymous freelancers; the internet does not fall short on this topic. What you’ll get here that you won’t there is a personal approach. There are no anonymous typists here, there’s just me, whom you can find out all about on this site, or through email – with a promise that I’ll respond within 24 hours. I’m based in the Nottingham/Derby area of the East Midlands, and if a client wants to meet me in person for any reason, we can make that happen.

For most work, my rate will depend on the nature and extent of the job, and with that in mind I usually charge a flat rate for the whole job, or a general rate per page / amount of words for lengthier projects. We’ll figure that out beforehand, and then I’ll get cracking.

I guarantee a 4-day maximum turnaround for any non-novel work. Depending on how busy I am, I’ll aim to boomerang a piece back as fast as possible, but 4 days is the absolute longest you’ll ever have to wait. At the other end of the spectrum, I’m not opposed to the idea of last-minute-night-before essay reviews, because I know from my own experiences that that’s often how it turns out. I stay up late. We’ll figure it out.

Finally, I wouldn’t expect anyone to jump in blind. Examples of my prior work can be found in my writer’s portfolio.

If you’re interesting in anything and want to discuss services and rates (or just want to say hi!), share a slow message:  dpjordan04@gmail.com